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Kiddy Citny - Mauerkunst - Waldemarstraße, West-Berlin

November 9, 2014 marks the 25th anniversary of the Fall of the Berlin Wall. Numerous events and exhibitions commemorate the historic events and the Peaceful Revolution of 1989.


The wall motives of Berlin wall artist Kiddy Citny travelled around the world on postcards and tourist photos and rose to such strong symbols of freedom and peace, that today they can be found at such remarkable sites as the UN Headquarters in New York. From 25. October to 30. November 2014 Kiddy Citny’s older and more recent works can be seen at BLAUE STUNDE Galerie in Berlin-Prenzlauer Berg in honor of the anniversary.


Victoria Fleischer of PBS Art Beat interviewed the artist about his motivations to paint the wall in the 80s:


Photo gallery: Berlin Wall paintings survive as symbols of hope 25 years later


by Victoria Fleischer


Twenty five years ago Sunday, thousands of Berliners jumped on top of the Berlin Wall as a divisive era came to an end. Five years earlier, Kiddy Citny of West Berlin began to paint the wall with two of his friends, Theirry Noir and Christophe Bouchet.


Art Beat | PBS NewsHour, 7. November 2014


Kiddy Citny

Kiddy Citny was born in 1957 in Bremen, West-Germany. 1975 he moved to Berlin, where he – with interruptions in Switzerland, Los Angeles and other metropolises – has been living until today. 1984 he began painting sections of the Berlin wall with his “hearts”, “kings” as well as the motif “world in one’s arms”. These motives have become symbols for the longing for peace and freedom and for the triumph of this irrepressible desire.


25 Years Fall of the Berlin Wall – Wall Artist Kiddy Citny at BLAUE STUNDE Galerie

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25. October – 30. November 2014


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