Paula Klien – INVISIBILITIES | 16 – 27 February 2017 @ aquabitArt Galerie, Berlin


Paper paintings, canvas, backlights, sculpture. Curated by Irina Ilieva.


Exhibition:   16th–27th February 2017

Preview:        Thu, 16 February, 6-8 pm

Opening:         Friday, 17 February 2017, 7–11pm.

……………………The artist is present.

Artist Talk:      Friday, 24 February 2017, 7-9pm

Venue:             aquabitArt gallery, Auguststr. 35, 10119 Berlin-Mitte

Open:              Tuesday–Sunday, noon–8pm and by appointment


Paula Klien uses monochromatic Chinese ink to create art works that reflect her mindscape in a transient world. Her lyrical abstractions exude a sense of fluidity, sombreness and raw elegance, inviting the mind to ponder over it, as if it held secrets or a deeper reality. From February 17 to 28, 2017 her first visual arts exhibit titled Invisibilities will be presented at aquabitArt Galerie in Berlin’s Auguststraße.


Paula Klien. Invisibilities, Ausschnitt Untitled no. 7, Chinesische Tusche auf Papier, 2016.

Paula Klien. Invisibilities, Ausschnitt Untitled no. 7, Chinesische Tusche auf Papier, 2016.


Press Kit | BERLIN FOTO BIENNALE 2016 & STEVE McCURRY Retrospective


Here you can download all press information about the Berlin Foto Biennale 2016 and Steve McCurry’s retrospective ‘Asia – A Life in Pictures':


Berlin Foto Biennale 2016 – Emotions and Commotions Across Cultures

22. June 2016. Throughout October 2016 Berlin welcomes once again the largest German festival for photography, the 7th European Month of Photography Berlin. As Associated Partner of EMOP Berlin 2016 the first edition of the Berlin Foto Biennale – which is also the 4th edition of the Biennial for Fine Art and Documentary Photography – will take place at elegant Palazzo Italia, situated in the historic heart of Berlin.

Emotions and Commotions Across Cultures will present 1230 photos by 446 contemporary artists from 41 countries of five continents… download press release


Yusuke Suzuki & ALEPPO – CITY OF CHAOS | Emerging Talent of Berlin Foto Biennale 2016

© Yusuke Suzuki "Aleppo, Syria - City of Chaos"

Yusuke Suzuki has been awarded with the Berlin Foto Biennale Award 2016 as “Emerging Talent”. Two of his photo essays will be presented in a solo exhibition at Berlin Foto Biennale 2016, alongside 446 photographers and Steve McCurry:



Lesbos Island – Journey to a New Life


Steve McCurry Retrospective in Berlin | Asia – A Life in Pictures

© Steve McCurry. Girl with green shawl, Pakistan.

The Steve McCurry retrospective Asia – A Life in Pictures presents 130 sublime portraits, landscapes and street photography of the people and cultures of Asia.
Rich, vibrant colours, arresting portraits and fascinating daily scenes are his trademark. Magnum photographer Steve McCurry has travelled the world for more than 30 years, documenting conflicts, poverty, and disappearing cultures, as well as joy and contemporary culture ‐ yet always retains a human element. His subjective compositions are of painterly beauty, his portraits full of dignity and grace. His most famous work is the portrait ‘Afghan Girl’, which he took in 1984 during the Afghan War.

Starting on October 6th, 2016, 130 of his most remarkable works, which were shot between 1979 and 2013 in Afghanistan, Bangladesh, India, Cambodia, Kashmir, Myanmar, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Tibet and Vietnam as well as the Philippines and Yemen, will be exhibited in the atrium of Berlin’s Palazzo Italia.


in Berlin


A retrospective exhibiting 130 selected works of a remarkable photographer


Special Invitee

Berlin Foto Biennale 2016

4th Biennial of Fine Art & Documentary Photography


 6 – 30 October 2016

On October 6, 2016 the first Berlin Foto Biennale – and 4th Biennial of Fine Art and Documentary Photography – opens its doors at the elegant Palazzo Italia. Alongside the comprehensive exhibition Emotions and Commotions Across Cultures the Biennial also contains a retrospective with 130 selected works by Steve McCurry. With his first solo exhibition in Berlin titled Asia – A Life in Pictures (‘Asien – Ein Leben in Bildern’) McCurry forms part of the Biennial as special invitee.
logo-magnum-jpgCurated by Magnum Photos and Steve McCurry himself, this retrospective invites visitors to discover the very best of the extensive and diverse body of work of one of the most important visual storytellers of the Far East and Asian cultures. Titled “Asia – A Life in Pictures”, the exhibition presents 130 of Steve McCurry’s emotive and beautiful photographs taken in Asia between 1979 and 2013. The iconic Magnum photographer takes visitors along a supremely colourful journey to some of the poorest and most crisis-torn countries in the world. Starting with the Soviet intervention in Afghanistan, where he took one of the most famous colour photos in history – ‘Afghan Girl’ – in 1984, we follow the photographer to discover the lives of the nomads of Tibet, the stilt fisherman of Sri Lanka and the Buddhist monks he encountered during his most recent trip to India – a country he has visited countless times.

© Steve McCurry, Magnum Photos. Stilt Fishermen, Sri Lanka, 1995

© Steve McCurry, Magnum Photos. Stilt Fishermen, Sri Lanka, 1995

For McCurry, who says that the vibrant colours of Asia “had taught him to see and write in light”, his work was always about creating timeless documents of poverty and suffering but also of hope, joy and beauty, and about depicting the flow of time. Playing with the palettes of different cultures, McCurry evokes a wide range of emotions in the viewer. In Cambodia luminous orange monk robes light up the dawn. In Afghanistan oranges radiate in flourishing colours out of the desolate ruins of a decades-long war.

“McCurry’s images take the viewer by the hand and touch his soul at the same time”, said the American arts critic Anthony Bannon so accurately about the excellently composed, colour-indulgent photographs that have the power to transcend boundaries of language and culture and to blur the line between the strange and the familiar.

© Steve McCurry, Magnum Photos. HOLI MAN, INDIA, 1996.

© Steve McCurry, Magnum Photos. HOLI MAN, INDIA, 1996.

Some of his photographs depict the wounds of a war, others disappearing cultures and traditions or the consequences of globalization. Fathoming the facets of the human condition, he does so by putting the dignity of his subjects first. McCurry is searching and finding encounters at eye-level and so the visitor’s eyes meet a gaze that is open, sometimes intense and other times curiously inquisitive.

With a single photograph McCurry captures, it seems, the story of a whole life: There is the young Buddhist monk with a Coca-Cola in his hand, the bright red brand name flaunted above him. There is the young boy posing with father’s AK-47, still taller than him, and the child soldier posing armed to his teeth with a mixed expression of pride and doubt. There are the stilt fishermen of Sri Lanka, floating seated in the air and the Indian tailor caught up to his neck in the monsoon floodwater, smiling as he is carries his vintage Pfaff sewing machine.

And thus Steve McCurry’s photographs are never mere portraits or reportage pictures, but epitomize archetypes that are strange and familiar at the same time. From behind his lens he brings the icons of humanity and of everyday life from the collective subconscious into the light. This retrospective therefore not only gives a comprehensive overview of Steve McCurry’s powerfully colourful compositions but is also an ode to the universal depth of human emotions.

Author: Kristina Thomas
This retrospective is a collection of sublime portraits, landscapes, and street photography taken by Steve McCurry over 34 years. Children and shepherds, warriors and labourers are presented alongside striking views of sandstone cities, mountainous landscapes, and ancient temples. Included in the exhibition are several unpublished images as well as images taken during his most recent trips to India and Tibet that have never before been seen. Evocative and timeless, these lyrical images capture the enduring spirit, grandeur, and beauty of the land and people.

- Magnum Photos


Steve McCurry was born in 1950 in Philadelphia, USA. In 1974 he graduated from the Pennsylvania State University. In 1979, 29-year-old McCurry was one of the first photographers to report from the Afghan conflict. He is a member of Magnum Photos since 1986. McCurry has been awarded numerous times. His photo reportages have appeared in TIME Magazine, the New York Times and National Geographic. He has been selected as Photographer of the Year several times and since 2006 he has been an honorary member of the Royal Photographic Society of Great Britain.

 You can download the full press release here.

Find all press releases about the Berlin Foto Biennale 2016 and Steve McCurry’s retrospective ‘Asia – A Life in Pictures’ here.

Until 16.8. in Berlin | Exhibition “Yet Another Face” by Petra Štefanková | 3D Illustration

"Yet Another Face"

LiTE-HAUS Galerie + Projektraum


“Yet Another Face” by Petra Štefanková


Exhibition: 2. – 16. August 2016

Closing Reception: 16. August 2016, 7pm


LiTE-HAUS Galerie + Projektraum (Berlin – Neukölln) welcomes Slovakian artist Petra Štefanková for her solo exhibition “Yet Another Face”. This series is about the artist’s personal reflection, emotion, and incorporates the surrealist automatic drawing method. The images were presented worldwide across various platforms – magazines, books, conferences and talks. This Series was her first 3D illustration project created in collaboration with Roman Vrbovsky. It originally won the Channel 4’s 4Talent Award in the United Kingdom in 2007.

. (more…)



446 contemporary artists from 41 countries


Special Invitee: Steve McCurry, Magnum Photos

A Retrospective exhibiting 130 selected works

of a remarkable photographer


Emerging Talent: Yusuke Suzuki

exhibiting Aleppo, Syria – City of Chaos

& Refugee Crisis – Lesbos, Greece


 Palazzo Italia

Unter den Linden 10 (entrance on Charlottenstraße)

10117 Berlin



Berlin Foto Biennale 2016


4. Biennial of Fine Art & Documentary Photography




6. – 30. October 2016

Throughout October 2016 Berlin welcomes once again the largest German festival for photography, the 7th European Month of Photography. As a Associate Partner of the EMOP Berlin the first edition of the Berlin Foto Biennale – and 4th edition of the Biennial for Fine Art and Documentary Photography – will take place at elegant Palazzo Italia, situated in the historic heart of Berlin.
Curator and artistic director Julio Hirsch-Hardy says:

Berlin was chosen due to the fact that it has become a cultural hub of the visual arts, as important of the other three cultural hubs of the world, New York, Paris and London.
Emotions and Commotions Across Cultures will present 1230 photos by 446 contemporary artists from 41 countries of all continents – among them 65% women, who have received the Julia Margaret Cameron Award for Women Photographers. The works represent a wide spectrum of styles ranging from documentary and wild life, to portrait and experimental photography. Recognizing a wide array of artistic expression across diverse cultures, the Biennial presents a contemporary overview of the different schools of thought emerging from the United States to China, from Australia to Turkey and from Senegal to Mexico.
This Biennale also contains selected works by Steve McCurry. His solo exhibition ‘Retrospective’ forms part of the Biennial as special invitee. An essay by the young emerging talent Yusuke Suzuki about the refugee crisis on Lesbos and the chaos in Syria’s Aleppo is also included in this comprehensive photographic display.
The Biennial captures international trends in photography and presents us a kaleidoscope of sentiments and perceptions. In this way a photographic chronicle of our time emerges with all its emotions and commotions, visually expressed by hundreds of photographers across many cultures.
Part of the revenue from artwork sales will be donated to Save the Children. The Biennial is accompanied by a catalogue published by Kehrer Verlag.



FANTASTIC – A Film Noir by Offer Egozy @ Berlinale 2016


FANTASTIC ist the new film by Offer Egozy, currently screening at Berlinale.


Mon. Feb. 15   17:30   CinemaxX 6  – Press & Industry

Thu. Feb. 18    19:00   Delphi  –  WORLD PREMIERE

Fri.  Feb. 19   19:30   CinemaxX 4

Sat. Feb. 20   14:00   Akademie der Künste

Sun. Feb. 21   13:45   CineStar 8








Offer Egozy (Producer/ Writer Director)


Offer Egozy (1977, Israel) is a writer and director currently based in New York. He has directed numerous short films and Fantastic is his first feature film, which was supported by Panavision’s Emerging Filmmakers Production Grant. He holds a B.A. in Film Studies from Yale University and a law degree from University of California at Berkeley. As an attorney he has worked primarily on behalf of young people in the juvenile justice system. He is currently a doctoral student at NYU studying criminal justice reform.


Alexandra Anthony (“Jane”)


Alexandra Anthony is a multi-talented actress, writer/director and dancer. She has performed all over the world for both stage and screen. Most recently Alexandra starred in the award winning indie feature Halfway to Hell and earned acclaim in her role as a transgendered man. Other feature film roles include Dark Skies starring Keri Russell and J.K. Simmons and Chicago Eight starring Philip Baker Hall and Danny Masterson.


On stage she toured the United Kingdom in The History of the Big Bands starring alongside Darius Campbell which brought audiences back to the magic of the Big Band Era.

She is a graduate of the prestigious American Repertory Theater at Harvard University with a Masters in Fine Arts, performing at the renowned Moscow Art Theater in Russia.





Fantastic - Poster~~~


Kristina Thomas

+49 176 8198 3594


HEAD OVER HEELS :: Solo exhibition by Tschabalala Self (NYC) at Schur-Narula, Berlin


6. – 27. May 2015
Opening reception:
Wednesday, May 6,
6 – 9pm
Berthelsdorfer Str. 8
(at Oh Pamela)
12043 Berlin
Schur-Narula is pleased to present an exhibition of new works by New York City-based painter and printmaker Tschabalala Self. The show brings together works from her series Head Over Heels.

Submerged! Video+Sound Art Exhibition at Z-Bar, Berlin

Dream Propulsion (Laboratory) by Nicole Antebi and Laura Ortman

12. December 2014

One Night Screening!

Initial Screening: 8.30 pm

Q and A: 9 pm

Looping/30 mns per loop from 9.25 pm to ?


Z-Bar, Bergstrasse 2, Berlin 10115
Curated by Leo Kuelbs and Karl Erickson


Artists: Danielle de Picciotto and Alexander Hacke, Sam Marlow and Alon Cohen, Nicole Antebi and Laura Ortman, Kitzinger Gabor and Alex Hamadey, Shir Leiberman, Jonathan Phelps and Fabio Fonda, United VJS, Jim Ellis


Submerged! is composed of seven short video and sound art pieces observing shifting mental interiors. Based upon three short stories written by Co-curator, Leo Kuelbs, Submerged! provides liquid visions of a multi-layered, ever-shifting psychological seascape.


Photo gallery: Berlin Wall paintings survive as symbols of hope 25 years later – Art Beat | PBS NewsHour

Kiddy Citny - Mauerkunst - Waldemarstraße, West-Berlin

November 9, 2014 marks the 25th anniversary of the Fall of the Berlin Wall. Numerous events and exhibitions commemorate the historic events and the Peaceful Revolution of 1989.


The wall motives of Berlin wall artist Kiddy Citny travelled around the world on postcards and tourist photos and rose to such strong symbols of freedom and peace, that today they can be found at such remarkable sites as the UN Headquarters in New York. From 25. October to 30. November 2014 Kiddy Citny’s older and more recent works can be seen at BLAUE STUNDE Galerie in Berlin-Prenzlauer Berg in honor of the anniversary.


Victoria Fleischer of PBS Art Beat interviewed the artist about his motivations to paint the wall in the 80s: