25 Years Fall of the Berlin Wall – Wall Artist Kiddy Citny at BLAUE STUNDE Galerie, Berlin


25. October – 30. November 2014


Saturday, 25. October 2014, 5pm
in presence of the artist


Closing Event:
Saturday, 29. November 2014, 4pm
in presence of the artist


November 9, 2014 marks the 25th anniversary of the Fall of the Berlin Wall. Numerous events and exhibitions commemorate the historic events and the Peaceful Revolution of 1989.


BLAUE STUNDE Galerie is pleased to present older and more recent works by Berlin wall artist Kiddy Citny. His wall motives travelled around the world on postcards and tourist photos and rose to such strong symbols of freedom and peace, that today they can be found at such remarkable sites as the UN Headquarters in New York.


To this day the Berlin wall is an iconic symbol, which carries two inherent messages: It stands for the cold war, for suppression and for a divided world. But it also stands for the overcoming, liberation and reunification. Ultimately, it is a strong symbol for the power of an irrepressible strive and longing for freedom, and for the power of peaceful revolution.

Kiddy Citny has always integrated urban space into his works. When in 1984 he had the idea to paint and spray the wall, there was no trace of the tags and more elaborate artistic sprees of graffiti artists to be found on either side of the wall. The dreariness along the bare wall inspired him and other artists such as Thierry Noir and Keith Haring to decorate them for the public and to set a mark against hopelessness.


” As the highest form of communication, art has the task of reaching as many people as possible. “


The motives for his wall art were processed in his paintings as well as in the songs of his band “Sprung aus den Wolken” (“Leap out of the Clouds”), who were featured in Wim Wenders’ film “Wings of Desire” with their song “Pas attendre”. It’s always the people and their longings that have inspired Citny. The longing for freedom and for a happy and “soulful” life is reflected in his works.


His “Kings” are people, who can feel like kings in their own country – thus, who are free. Others carry “the world in their arms” – a motif that stands for the wish to live and to experience one’s own life. The two hearts symbolize the wish that East and West may reunite and that the wall may be busted by mere power of the two hearts.


The plan to enclose East Berlin with art completely and make it a museum failed, when the wall fell in November 1989. Artists from all around the world transformed the Berlin wall into a memorial for freedom, which has been dispersed throughout the world. Pieces with Kiddy Citnys works are to be found at the Märkisches Museum and at the square Leipziger Platz in Berlin, in the business district La Défense in Paris, and at the Intrepid Museum in New York.


BLAUE STUNDE Galerie now presents older as well as more recent works by the artist, which take up the famous motives of his wall art, as they were seen in Waldemarstraße in the former West-Berlin district of Kreuzberg.


Today Kiddy Citny is still convinced that art belongs onto the streets, where it can be seen by everybody. He plans to drive on a truck through Berlin and paint in public and with the public. On November 7, 2014 these newly created works will be exhibited together will older pieces from the 80s at the private exhibition space Epicentro Art (Galerie Marc Fiedler) in Berlin.


Kiddy Citny


Kiddy Citny was born in 1957 in Bremen, West-Germany. 1975 he moved to Berlin, where he – with interruptions in Switzerland, Los Angeles and other metropolises – has been living until today. 1984 he began painting sections of the Berlin wall with his “hearts”, “kings” as well as the motif “world in one’s arms”. These motives have become symbols for the longing for peace and freedom and for the triumph of this irrepressible desire.


Author: Kristina Thomas



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Kiddy Citny - Mauerkunst - Waldemarstraße, West-Berlin

Kiddy Citny – Mauerkunst – Waldemarstraße, West-Berlin